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As you are researching information regarding your loved ones needs, here is some information that may be of assistance in determining the proper course of action:

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Discovery Reading Services offers instruction using several programs to address reading and learning difficulties. These programs are tailored specifically for the symptoms exhibited.

Seeing Stars
Visualizing and Verbalizing

Some children, teens, or adults can't read or spell accurately even though they have good vocabulary and listening comprehension.  They often add, omit, substitute, and reverse sounds and letters in words without realizing it. They may memorize words for a spelling test but later can't spell those same words when they write something.  They may recognize a familiar word sometimes, but they may miss the same word further down the page. When they get to a new word they try to guess what it is, skip it, or misread it because they have difficulty knowing the sounds of the letters.  They may have trouble writing what they would like to say because they have to use words they can spell.   Usually, their reading comprehension is weak, because they have misread or they have not been able to read many of the words.  The child, parent, and teacher feels frustrated.   Some possible symptoms:

Other people may read words very well... but they have to read and reread material many times in order to understand it.  They have difficulty answering questions about information they have just heard or read.  Sometimes they have trouble following oral directions.  The words just seem to "go in one ear and out the other".  They may also not understand the main idea of what they have read or heard either.   Teens and adults may not be able to take notes in a lecture, because they don’t know which information is essential and they try to write down everything they hear.   They may have difficulty expressing themselves in writing or when speaking.  Some possible symptoms:


Weak reading  or word attack skills
Weak reading comprehension
Weak spelling
Weak rapid naming or reading fluency
Weak Phonemic Awareness
Symptoms of dyslexia

Weak reading comprehension
  Weak oral language comprehension
Weak verbalizing
Weak writing skills
Weak vocabulary