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Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program

Seeing Stars

A Cause:

One cause of language comprehension problems may be a difficulty in connecting words with a visual or mental image of what those words mean.   This is called a Concept Imagery Disorder.   Concept Imagery is the ability to visualize the meaning of the words or concepts from spoken or written language.   Without this ability, a person is unable to interpret and reason about what they have heard or read. 



A Solution:  Visualizing and Verbalizing (VV)® For Language Comprehension, Vocabulary, Thinking, Listening, and writing skills. 

This program is a research based method which successfully develops concept imagery and language comprehension through developing an ability to visualize the language concepts and verbalize.    The program consists of nine specific steps.  Each step progresses from simple to complex.  At the beginning levels, twelve “Structure Words” (What, size, color, number, shape, where, movement, mood, background, perspective, when, and sound)  are used to help the client learn to visualize words.    Writing skills, Vocabulary, and Higher Order Thinking questions (HOT) are introduced in Step 4:  SENTENCE BY SENTENCE WITH HOT.  Writing Skills are developed from:  writing a complete sentence, writing a single paragraph, to writing a five paragraph report.  The average client is able to complete this program in 80-120 hours.  Daily repetition, five days a week, is a key to the effectiveness of this program. 


Visualizing & Verbalizing® Program Levels:

Step 1:  Picture to Picture

Step 2:  Sentence

Step 3:   Sentence by Sentence

Step 4: Sentence by Sentence with Hots and Writing  

Step 5:  Multiple Sentences by Multiple Sentences.

Step 6: Whole Paragraph  

Step 7: Paragraph by Paragraph

Step 8: Whole Chapter

Step 9:  Lecture Noting (High School/Adult Only)




Results measured through diagnostic testing.

This program was developed by Nanci Bell in 1986 at the Lindamood clinic in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Her wide experience in education gave her unique resources for developing this program for the remediation of learning problems with both children and adults.