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Diagnostic Testing - A Comprehensive Evaluation


An individual diagnostic evaluation measures:

Oral Vocabulary
Oral Language Comprehension
Phonemic Awareness
Symbol Imagery
Word Attack
Word Recognition
Reading Comprehension
Math (Optional)
Learning Aptitude

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in teaching individuals to learn to their potential.

The testing battery is an extensive compilation of Standardized Tests that allows me to establish an accurate picture of the student's learning abilities. It is important that these tests are given to determine an accurate instruction profile that is not just based on a score, but also on the difficulty, behaviors, and time that it takes an individual to attain that score while taking the tests. The tests are administered one-to-one.   Average testing time is 3-4 hours.


Analysis and Consultation

In a consultation, strengths and weaknesses are explained, and a diagnosis and instruction plan offered. Recommendations are given for the type and duration of instruction.